Doblet FAQ

What is Doblet?

Do I need a specific charger?

Yes, Doblet uses our own network of smart chargers. Our chargers are called Doblets.

Where can I find your chargers?

The map in the app (and on our website) shows all of your closest Doblet venues.

Do you have Doblets outside the San Francisco Bay Area?

Right now, our network’s based in the Bay Area. We've provided power at events and festivals in NYC and LA, among others, and we’re looking forward to expanding soon!

How do I get a charger at one of your locations?

Let a staff member know if you have an iPhone or Android device. They’ll provide you with the appropriate charger, or point you to where the chargers are stationed in their venue (e.g. next to the ATM machine)

How to Use It

How do I start charging?

Once you have a Doblet charger, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the Doblet into your phone.
  2. Install and launch the Doblet app if you haven't already. (On iOS, the App Store will prompt you when plugged in)
  3. Sign up. Then it should start charging automatically.

What if my phone is dead?

If your phone is already dead, the Doblet will supply enough power in order to turn it back on again.

Can I charge my tablet/iPad?

Yes, but it will charge them more slowly than phones. Our current Doblet charger is optimized for phones.

Can I charge my Bluetooth headset?

Sorry, this can only be used on devices with the app installed (iOS and Android devices).


Do I need to pay before getting a Doblet?

Nope, we've made Doblet free for all users now!

(If your app still has a "Purchase" item in the menu, you have an old version of the app. Please visit your phone's settings and set your apps to auto-update for the best experience.)

How will I know that I've successfully referred someone?

You will receive an email within 24 hours of someone signing up through your link. Thanks for referring a friend to Doblet!


Can I take the charger away from the place that I borrow from?

Not yet -- that's something we're working on. It will require more logistical support -- hopefully soon!

What happens if I forget to return the Doblet?

We'll give you a few days to return it. Otherwise, you will be charged a fee.

Can I take multiple Doblets at once?

Yes, but each phone must download the app in order to use it.


I'm at a location that should have Doblets, but the owners say they don't have it.

Please let us know ASAP if this happens! You can contact us directly through the app, or via email ([email protected]).

The phone isn't charging!

Ok, here's some quick troubleshooting tips!

  1. Doblets need to plug directly into your phone instead of through a battery case (like Mophie). The app can't tell the charger to start charging without a direct connection.
  2. Your phone should vibrate when the Doblet is plugged in. If it vibrates but still isn't charging, the Doblet wasn't sufficiently charged. Please ask staff for a charged Doblet!
  3. The Doblet should have a green light when plugged in. If not, the Doblet wasn't sufficiently charged. Please ask staff for a charged Doblet!
  4. Check the Doblet stand that the charger came from. If you see chargers on the stand without lights on, that means the stand itself has no power! Please let your staff member know ASAP!