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Doblet is a network of batteries on demand.

Finding a nearby Doblet device is quick and easy!

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Use our app to find nearby Doblet-carrying venues and pick the one you like best. If you don't see one of your favorite places on the map, just request it.

Plug in and get juiced!

Ask your bartender or waiter for a Doblet. Plug it into your phone and use it for a single charge or opt in for unlimited membership. You can keep using your phone as it charges - while you're at it, why not order a drink?

In The News

Doblet is the realization of Stephen Colbert’s dream of ambient phone charging... Doblet Plans To Be Everywhere Your Phone Charger Isn’t, TechCrunch
If you own a smartphone it is all but guaranteed that you will have experienced the handset dying on you at an inconvenient moment... How to beat out-of-battery smartphone stress, BBC
Y Combinator
If you’re lucky, the bar you’re at might have the right charger for your phone behind the counter. If you’re not, you’re walking or taking the bus instead of calling a car service. Doblet (YC S14) Plans To Be Everywhere Your Phone Charger Isn’t, Y Combinator
Fast Company
Doblet wants to eliminate those awkward requests bartenders get to charge patrons' phones. Y Combinator Demo Day, Fast Company

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